I accidentally lost, threw out, or cannot find my U Color instructions. How do I use U Color?

Please see the "how to use" section of the U Color website.  There you will find the step-by-step instructions for applying U Color.

I am pregnant. Can I use U Color?

We recommend you consult with your doctor before trying any hair color product.

After using U Color, how long should I wait before shampooing?

You will be shampooing your hair as part of the coloring process (after U Color has been on your hair for 25 minutes, rinse hair and then shampoo and style as usual).  After this, you may shampoo as frequently or infrequently as you’d like.  Remember that color generally lasts longer the less you shampoo.

After using U Color, how long should I wait to highlight, perm or relax my hair?

You can do these processes immediately after coloring but they will lighten color.

I just colored my hair, but I want a different color. How soon can I color again?

There is no restriction.

Should I do anything to prepare for coloring with U Color?

Ensure that your hair is completely dry.  Set up a coloring station out of the way of items that may get color on them as color stains by nature.   Read the instructions thoroughly!

Why are there 2 packets of U Color? Do I need to use both?

You only need to use one packet for each color application.  There are 2 packets of U Color in each kit providing you with 2 color applications per kit.

I have long hair. Should I use both packets of U Color?

One packet of U Color is typically enough, even for long hair.  You may need to use both packets only if your hair is both exceptionally long and very thick.

How can I test U Color to make sure I will like it before I apply it to all of my hair?

We recommend that all first time users or anyone trying a new shade of U Color perform a strand test to ensure that they will like the results.  Please see the strand test instructions located in the instructional pamphlet inside of the U Color kit or visit the “how to use” section of the U Color website for a step-by-step guide.

I have dry ends, will that affect my color?

Yes.  Overly dry hair will be more porous and will therefore absorb more color than the areas of your hair that are not as damaged.  If you have dry/damaged ends, put the color on your ends for only 10 minutes instead of the full 25 minutes.

How often should I color my hair with U Color?

How often you use U Color will depend on how often you shampoo, how gray your hair is, and how quickly your hair grows.

When is it time for a touch-up?

Most people touch-up their hair when their roots begin to show or if the color has faded.  Because of U Color’s Magic Equalizer, the color does not fade quickly.

How do I do a root touch-up?

When doing a root touch-up for regrowth or gray hair, apply U Color with a brush to your roots and leave it on for 20 minutes.  Put the remainder of the color on the rest of your hair for the last 10 minutes to ensure an even all-over color.

Should I shampoo right before using U Color?

We do not recommend shampooing right before coloring as the shampooing process removes the scalp’s natural oils that act as a protective barrier when coloring.  Shampooing right before coloring may make your scalp more sensitive.  Unless you have gone a week or more without shampooing, you should not shampoo right before applying U Color.

How do I know which shade is right for me?

For best results, we recommend choosing a color within 2-3 shades of your natural hair color.

When deciding between two shades, should I choose the lighter or darker shade?

It is always best to go with the lighter shade.  It will be easier to go darker than it will be to lighten your color if you are unhappy with your choice.  Keep in mind when choosing your U Color shade that the pigments are richer than most at-home hair colors and may turn out darker than you expect. 

Can I mix two U Color shades together?

Yes.  Hair color can be fun and it is easy to get creative with U Color.  Be sure to empty the contents of all three packets for each shade when mixing shades together.  For best results, do not mix colors that are more than 2-3 shades apart.  Do not mix U Color with another brand of color.

Does the type of my hair (curly, thick, thin, etc.) affect the coloring process?

Yes.  Hair texture is an important factor in determining how long you should leave the color on.  Although the recommended 25 minutes is typically sufficient for most hair textures, extremely coarse hair may require more time while extremely fine or thin hair may require less time.  Performing the strand test is the best way to find out the right timing for coloring your hair.  Step-by-step instructions for the strand test can be found in the instructional pamphlet included in the U Color kit or in the “how to use” section of the U Color website.

When should I start timing my U Color application?

The processing time begins as soon as you have finished applying U Color.  Start your timer once you have fully saturated your hair with U Color.

How can I keep my color looking vibrant and avoid fading?

Use products like Umberto Beverly Hills shampoos and conditioners that have built-in color protectors like sunflower seed extract and UV filters that will help to maintain the vibrancy of your hair color while preventing fading.  You can purchase Umberto Beverly Hills products exclusively at Target stores nationwide or at Umberto Beverly Hills salons.

Can I dramatically lighten my hair with U Color?

No.  U Color is a demi-color.  If you want to lift 2-3 shades, you should choose a  shade that has the low-ammonia formula.  You will not be able to achieve a dramatically lighter hair color with U Color.

How much can I lighten or darken my hair with U Color?

You can always darken your hair.  You can only lighten 2-3 shades.

How do I know whether to choose a warm shade, cool shade, or neutral shade?

Choosing a shade of hair color is truly a matter of personal preference.  However, here are a few tips that may help you with your decision:

Warmer shades tend to work best with olive or golden skin tones and will enhance any red or golden tones in your hair.  
Cooler shades typically work well with pinkish or rosy skin tones and will minimize any red/orange or golden tones in your hair.
Neutral shades generally go well with ivory or peachy skin tones and will not alter the existing tone in your hair.

I cannot find the shade I want in my local beauty store, where else can I purchase U Color?

Please visit the “where to buy” section of the U Color website (ucolorbh.com) for a full list of beauty stores in your area carrying U Color.  You may also purchase U Color online.

I have just finished coloring my hair with U Color and do not like my color choice, what do I do now?

Please call our U Color hotline (1-888-832-1556) where our on-site team of salon professionals will assist you!